Wisdom & Compassion

An excerpt from Raymond Lam’s review of Mokspace’s “Wisdom and Compassion” Buddhist Group Art Exhibition, May 2013:

“Suzanne’s art, its manifold colors framed against Mok Space’s white, immaculate walls, is inspired by stories. She has told me that much of her favorite pieces were motivated by the Lotus Sutra, but stories are not always religious, nor do they always fit neatly into a spiritual narrative. Of course, I cannot claim to have interpreted all her artwork with certainty. What religious art can do is to address these realities within a compassionate framework, and Suzanne’s is an onslaught of dizzyingly complex, messy patterns and figures – all with their own tragedies, comedies, and triumphs within shapes of simple, stark geometry as basic and real as the Four Noble Truths.”
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Lotus Sutra VI & VII, Mok Space Gallery

Lotus Sutra VI

Lotus Sutra VII

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Wisdom & Compassion at Mok Space

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